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DUI Lawyers Arlington County Va

Noorishad Law, P.C is a law firm that is focused on client satisfaction. The lawyers leave no stone unturned in fighting for your right. With the help of experienced attorneys who excel in research and factual arguments, you are guaranteed to win. They deal in Driving under Influence cases, violence and criminal cases, civil law among others. They thrive in friendly and professional attorney- client relationships, the lawyers are good listeners and resourceful in forging winning strategies for your case. They are stationed in Northern Virginia and serve the whole of Arlington County including Fairfax, Prince William, and Virginia.

VA DUI Lawyers

Transparency all the way

Unlike Attorneys who juggle up many cases and responsibilities, the attorneys at Noorishad Law are committed to you no matter how big or small your case is. The attorneys at Noorishad Law realize that all types of cases could have a huge impact on your life; they give your case the attention it deserves ensuring you get personalized treatment. Through the whole process of legal action, the lawyers make you their partner, reporting to you every development with utmost transparency. This helps to ease the stress and anxiety you might develop. The lawyers are committed to your service all day every day in case research and preparations; they will return your calls any hour of the day all days of the week on a matter concerning your case.

Top certified lawyers

Noorishad Law firm has had the best rating for DUI and DWI. In 2015, they were among the 10 best legal firms in client satisfaction, an award by the American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys, and among 10 best legal firms in client satisfaction, award by American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys. The top qualified attorneys who have excelled in various big cases. The lawyers are members of the American Bar Association, the Virginia Bar Association, The Fairfax Bar Association and the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys. The managing attorney Mr. Kaveh Noorishad practices criminal and civil law in Virginia. He has defended and won several cases in felony charges and multimillion-dollar civil actions. He has been recognized among the top 100 National Trial Attorneys in the US.

Traffic offenses

The attorneys at Nourishad Law are experienced in handling traffic offense cases including driving under influence cases. The penalties for this offense usually increase with each subsequent offense. The Department of Motor Vehicles adds demerit points to your driving record with each traffic offense you commit. These demerit points determine the penalties for a traffic violation that you receive when a case is fielded, the judge reviews your driving record before sentencing you. However with the winning arguments of Noorishad Lawyers, you will not have your demerit points accumulate to dangerous levels when you are caught in a traffic offense, meaning you will only pay a small fine without jail term in future when you are charged with a serious traffic offense.

Whenever you receive a traffic violation ticket you can contact the lawyers at 703-542-4500 anytime or click http://www.noorishadlaw.com . This could save you immense trouble in future.